Below is a list of frequently asked questions and detailed information on what to expect when you book a senior portrait session with Jenna Bellonby.

So, how does this work?

Jenna likes to keep the process itself easy for both parties. To book a session simply head to the Book tab where you will scroll down, choose your specified senior session, click "Book this Session". You will then fill in a little information about yourself such as your contact information, a shooting date given the available times, along with providing a brief description of what you are envisioning for your senior portraits. If you have booked either the "Trendsetter" or "Top Model" sessions you have an optional pre-meeting. If this applies to you, schedule that meeting for a date prior to your scheduled session date or contact Jenna directly to schedule. Jenna will then contact you following booking your session to discuss/finalize any last details. Jenna wants to ensure that you are in love with your senior photographs by making your vision a reality.

What can I expect during the actual photo session?

The day before your scheduled senior session, Jenna will send you an email confirming the date, time, shooting location(s), and/or any other details discussed over email or through a pre-meeting. Here you will confirm or reschedule your session if necessary. On the day of your session, Jenna will meet you at the first (or only) designated location. Depending on the session that you chose, shooting times will vary. During your session, Jenna takes the time to ensure that you get naturally beautiful photographs. She wants you to be comfortable and looking your best. Sessions are highly interactive and a lot of fun. Jenna wants every individual leaving the portrait session secure in knowing that she captured stunning portraits that she is excited to bring to life. Capturing great photos do require a bit of work, but you'll have such a good time you won't know where the time went.

Do parents have to come along to the shoot?
No, parents are not required to come, but are very much welcome. 
What are the restrictions of the location(s) I choose?
The locations must be approximately no further than 30 miles from Milford, Ohio. However, if there is a location you have in mind that stretches beyond the 30 mile boundary notify Jenna directly to discuss the possibility. Travel fees may be applicable for sessions if there are entry or parking fees to shoot at a location. In the case of either of these the fees will be added to your session price (however you will be notified of the possible additional fees before the session in the case that you would like to choose a different location because of it).
How should I pay?
Before a shooting session can take place, Jenna must receive full payment for the session price. This price will vary due to the session you selected. If you are unable to pay the entirety of the session price at once, Jenna will work with you to create a payment plan. Please contact Jenna directly before the shoot if this is the case. However, you will not be able to have your post-ordering session and/or purchase any photographs until your session is paid fully (travel fees included if applicable). 
Once your session is complete and paid fully you will meet with Jenna on your scheduled post-ordering date to go through and choose the photographs that you would like Jenna to edit.
Both the session price and final purchase of the photographs can be paid with either a check or cash (checks preferred however). If you decide to pay using checks, please make out to "Jenna Bellonby". 

What comes with the purchase of a photograph?

During your post-ordering session you will go through all of the portraits from your session. From there you will choose all of the images you would like to purchase. With the purchase of a photograph ($20 each) it includes both a color and black & white edit of the unwatermarked photograph along with a print release. You will then have access to all of the photographs through a private gallery where you will download them.

Are the pictures edited?

Yes, after the post-ordering session Jenna spends careful time editing your chosen images. She puts each of them through multiple editing platforms to ensure the perfect lighting, composition, and minor imperfections that will ultimately make you look your best. While this is a more time consuming route, Jenna takes the time to make sure you retain a naturally beautiful look. 

Do I get to choose the pictures that get edited?

Yes, after your session is complete and paid for you will be able to choose all of the shots that you would like to purchase.

Is a senior yearbook portrait included in packages?

Yes! Each of the packages listed for senior portraits include a free yearbook portrait that will fit the criteria for your schools yearbook (gray backdrop and proper cropping etc). No need to spend the hassle getting your yearbook photograph taken elsewhere.


Do you offer studio portraits?

Yes, Jenna offers studio portraits (they would count as a location). Her studio comprises of black, grey, white, marmalade, red, and beige seamless paper backdrops. Her studio is also equipped with soft box lighting. 

How will I get my pictures?
All final images will be accessable through this website's "Client" page which is password protected. Once your images are finished and all fees have been paid Jenna will send you the access information to reach your images where you will then be able to download for easy printing and sharing.
How long until I receive all of my edited portraits?
Please allow for 1 week - 1 month before you receive all of your edited images, where an email from Jenna will set up a time/place to exchange remaining payment (if applicable). Jenna takes her time to ensure that your portraits come out beautifully.
What if I need to cancel / there is bad weather on the scheduled shooting day?
In the event of bad weather expected during your scheduled photo shoot session, Jenna will notify you of the reschedule and you may choose another day that fits your schedule. In the case of simply needing to reschedule due to private issues, as long as you notify Jenna within 48 hours of the scheduled shoot there should be no problems. While Jenna does not charge for late cancellations, it is a great inconvenience.
Are printed copies of the portraits a part of the packages?
Printed copies of the images are not included in any of the session packages but may be purchased in other bundles as a separate cost. Please email Jenna directly for the print packages information/options. 

What if none of the prearranged portrait packages fit what I am looking for?
If one of the suggested packages does not fit your needs and would like a personalized variation, please email Jenna at jbellonby@live.com to discuss custom details and pricing.