Jenna Bellonby


         Jenna Bellonby is currently 18 years old. As of now, Jenna is based in Cincinnati, Ohio and is a recent high school graduate. Although she had always been interested in photography, she had not picked up a camera until June of 2015. Within not even 3 years Jenna has achieved many National and International awards within photography and graphic design and has been referenced with some of the best adult photographers in the world on multiple occasions. Not only does Jenna strive to always improve, but she hopes to encourage others to explore their own creative sides. Jenna's photographic style derives inspiration from many contemporary platforms along with a passion to push artistic and social boundaries. Her goal is not necessarily to capture a moment but to take pictures that hold creative individuality and originality. Even as only a recent graduate, Jenna aims to redefine what young photographers are capable of. 

Jenna has had work exhibited in: Cincinnati, OH; Columbus, OH; Philadelphia, PA; New York City, NY; Tel Aviv, Israel; and London, England.

Has been featured and referenced in many newspapers, publications and online outlet sources such as Vogue Italia, the British Journal of Photography, Sony World Photography, Tux Couture, DAMN° Magazine, USA Today, Cincinnati Magazine, Cincinnati Enquirer, The Clermont Sun, the Digital Imaging Reporter and PhotoCorps.