Meet Jenna

                My name is Jenna Bellonby, and I am a Cincinnati portrait photographer. As an emerging photographer, I am constantly trying to push the boundaries of what young photographers are capable of.  As a recent summa cum laude graduate of Milford High School, I have been recognized through many National and International awards within photography and on multiple occasions have been referenced with some of the most talented and accomplished adult photographers in the world. My work has been exhibited in many global locations including New York City, Israel, and London. Along with exhibitions, I have been featured and referenced in many newspapers, publications and online outlet sources such as Vogue Italia, the British Journal of Photography, Sony World Photography, World Photography Organization, Tux Couture, USA Today, Cincinnati Magazine, Cincinnati Enquirer and more. Not only am I a continuously producing artist, but I decided to become a freelance photographer as well in order to share my abilities to create stunning images for others. Throughout the years I have gotten to know so many amazing clients whilst in the process becoming friends. I am a photographer that is excited to make you and your images stunning and I am always motivated by clients with strong visions for their sessions as I personally love a good challenge. 



First and foremost, Jenna Bellonby is a photographer/artist that specializes in creative and boundary pushing portraits and still lives along with creations in graphic design. Before starting this photography business shooting client based work, she solely created as an artistic outlet and for exhibition. Moving forward and deciding not to take the traditional college route Jenna has chosen to move forward with her portrait business as a way to not only support herself as she pursues her artistic endevours, but to also share her abilities with others. 

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Your senior year is full of once-in-a-lifetime moments just waiting to happen. Jenna is all about capturing this exciting time with the right mix of individuality, creativity, sophistication, fun, and class. Jenna will help you tell your senior story with lots of backgrounds, poses, creative lighting options, and the passion to bring your creative portrait visions to life. 

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Interested in the world of modeling? Are you already a model trying to build your portfolio? Whether you are just starting or have years of experience a portfolio building session may be great for you. With an at-home studio, years of practice, and many publications such as features in DAMN Magazine and online publications by Vogue Italia Jenna has the experience to bring the highest quality high fashion shots to your portfolio. Looking for something specific? Jenna is up to get creative with your portfolio.

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